How to weave hair styles

The hair is the strong point of the woman, exude charm and sensuality in every move. For this reason it is essential to keep them groomed and at the top. Unfortunately, women can not limit them to treat properly, as this is essential, but like all things in their life they have to use a lot of creativity. Following a disappointment in love, a fight with a friend or just out of boredom, the first thing you do is to change women look and do it again starting from the hair. Then changing hairstyle is good especially for you because it makes you feel different, more beautiful.

Very cute and original braid is the that involves only a clump

Although 2012 was a year of absolute braided hair, this trend seems to never get lost. None of you give up their braid. The first case, perhaps what is more common is the use of braid hairstyle as fast. If you have little time to seed cells or fix your hair can opt for a quick braid and a little disheveled to be put on the side or be left behind, who among us has ever done? Fast and practice this braid gives you a flawless appearance and precise for your efforts in a few minutes.

The classic and traditional braid which is always in fashion is “French” that can be dropped into soft or well pulled the neck. To create it, it takes 10 minutes and will ensure you have a very chic and sophisticated look.

Another braid that always has its charm is deliberately disheveled side. You have seen many of your favorite stars. It is usually denoted by the name “paesanella braid” and is recommended especially for the casual or chic alternative although many people do not mind it a look a bit more refined in order to create a contrast with the rest dell outfit. The only rule for this type of braid is to keep your hair in its natural, wild and steamy in order to obtain a braid without rules. This really takes a few minutes and you can do just by twisting two strands rather than three.

Very cute and original braid is the that involves only a clump that can be pulled to one side and tied with a flower clip Part height of the row (side or center that is) and stops at ear.

Braids start just above the ear then to join with the other end, framing virtually all of the hair with this braid, as if it were a crown put down the braid that is going to really fashion lately is the herringbone, recommended to those who have long hair can be done both laterally and backward. You can either let loose that roll up from the bottom upwards, creating an original and elegant chignon very particular.


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