Work from home ideas and guidelines redefined

If you think working from home is still just a dream, then imagine… Imagine that you wake up peacefully in the morning (without the passage of traffic), do some exercise to stay fit and then while enjoying a delicious coffee milk and take your breakfast, read your emails to meet your customers monitor applications you work.

Also take advantage to check if you have made your payments account of previous work and so, while checking your calendar, organize your workday and you are ready to make some calls and then sit at the computer to start your work. No boss, no schedule, no pressure, no partner undesirables, etc..

Cute house wife working on a laptop from home to earn money, having coffee at home

You work until 3 in the afternoon and then get ready because you have an appointment with your husband to go out for coffee, chatting and sharing a good time together. Return to your home at 8 pm and sit an hour to double check your email to inform your customers about the progress of their requirements, and incidentally, respond to some requests for quotes for new work.

Are you interested to work from home?

If your answer is yes, then you are welcome (a) the select group of independent people fighting for their future and whose greatest medal is the freedom to do what you like, do well and earn good money. So today I share some ideas to start your new life as self-employed or freelancer.

Who can be a Freelancer?

Anyone could work from home but not all professions are necessarily adapted to this concept. Since it takes some expertise in some areas initially say that the independent work on the Internet is ideal for:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Writers and editors of articles
  • Web designers
  • SEO experts and web positioning
  • Programmers
  • Bloggers
  • Creators of instructional videos
  • Mobile application developers

How to Begin work from home?

Actually, the concept is mainly based freelancer be connected. So it will be essential that at least count on a team to work through the Internet:

  • PC
  • Internet connection
  • Web Cameras
  • Printer
  • Scanner (optional)

The good addition to being independent is that your workplace can be the dining room of your house, room or into the garden. It could also be a restaurant, café or any other suitable location that allows you to have peace of mind to create, think and develop projects. However, if you can fit any space at home where you can work without interruption, will be ideal.

Create a Personal and Corporate Image

Then, you need to let you know. For this you must choose your field of work and form an entire corporate image around your person as the main product that will have you yourself including your knowledge, skills and experiences.

  • To do this you must knowledge about:
  • To create a website, blog or a Facebook fanpage
  • You must describe in detail your service catalog
  • You must have a direct contact email reply quotes
  • You should post some samples of previous work
  • It will be advisable to have a personal logo

You must also define your own values and standards of work that will be critical to sell your services and sell them cheaply. These values should be published on your website and include at least the following:

  • Punctuality
  • Responsibility
  • Quality in work
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Seriousness
  • Speed
  • Good price

Finally it is important that you promote and it does not need to invest large sums of money but at least a certain amount monthly. And to promote your services through your personal page you can use these means alternating each month:

  • Promotion on Facebook
  • Google Adwords Promotion
  • Promotional banners on various blogs
  • Promotion in major classified directories
  • Create business cards and distribute them to your contacts
  • Promotion on Twitter


Professional writer with more than 7 years of experience. Joseph has worked as a content creator and editor on different web pages. He has been coordinator and content manager in various editorial teams. He also has extensive experience in SEO and digital marketing.