Huawei wants to replace Google services by continuing to use Android AOSP

As it seemed initially, Huawei’s HarmonyOS should have been destined to entirely replace the Android system. However, the real intentions of the house began to leak when the Mate 30 series was launched with the AOSP build of the green robot and the absence of Google services.

The company had already confirmed that HarmonyOS ( HongmengOS in China) would not be destined to replace Android.
The president of the Global Media and Communications department of Huawei Joy Tan , confirmed that the brand will continue to rely on Android for the operating system on its future devices, since the transition to a possible new system would require years of development, with the burden on the part of the company to regain customer confidence.

Since Huawei has always sold its Android devices in Europe and Asian markets since its introduction into the smartphone market, users who use its products clearly refer to Google’s mobile services and this gives the company a reason to concentrate its resources on the expansion of proprietary mobile services.

Therefore, the company intends to replace the Mountain View services with its own, continuing to use an open Android system. The Chinese company’s mobile services are relatively new in their field, requiring years before a complete package can be made available. The company had already confirmed that HarmonyOS (HongmengOS in China) would not be destined to replace Android.

Without a strong and reliable app ecosystem, Huawei will face a difficult time convincing users to buy its devices. A situation completely analogous to what happened to Microsoft with Windows Mobile.

In a recent interview with the Financial Times , Joy Tan admitted that the lack of Google apps was more demanding than initially expected . The executive also revealed that the company failed to contact the legislative branch of the US government. Time will tell if the road that Huawei wants to take will be the right one.


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