Hydration efficient thermal

The hot springs are extremely beneficial to the skin, pure products without preservatives refresh the skin, have calming effects, decongestants and healing.

They are used to energize the skin in the morning and activate blood circulation, and use during the day focuses on cooling the skin and soothe irritations or as a complement to other skin treatment after waxing or deflate the swollen eyelids.

Hydration efficient thermal

The thermal water is ideal for sensitive skin, as a substitute for tap water supply, parallel to this thermal water helps set the makeup to be applied in a spray as a soft mist once the make up.

But, now that you know the benefits of using I mention the hot springs which are the most suitable for you to have a much clearer idea of what is best for you according to your needs.

Vichy Thermal Spa Water: Water is a spa without fragrance or preservatives, contains natural salts and trace elements and can be used on all skin types, has decongestant properties, fortifying and soothing.

Avene Thermal Water: is calming, soothing, decongestant. Ideal for sensitive skin prone to redness, itching and pain sensation.

The Mist, La Mer, the thermal water is recommended for dry skin as well as nurture reduces irritation and softens fine lines. It is recommended for use after sun exposure and to prevent changes caused by temperature changes that dehydrate the skin.

Hydration efficient thermal products

Thermal Water: Formulated especially for sensitive skin frequently exposed to harmful conditions, regular use makes the dermis regain tone, look, silky, smooth and moisturized.

La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water: This thermal water has soothing properties, helps to heal and desensitizes the skin.


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