Blackberry BB10: a hypothetical blackberry touchscreen

As we know RIM has confirmed that it does not release a new series of BlackBerry smartphones with BB10 operating system September 1, 2012. Pending this, many users have to create their own concept of the new handheld BB10 on the basis of their needs and their dreams as already we anticipated in our article. Today the turn of John Anastasiadis presenting a concept smartphone BlackBerry brand new and in some ways revolutionary.

Blackberry BB10: a hypothetical blackberry touchscreen

Even if the form-factor is very similar to Apple’s iPhone that impresses most and wrap-around screen. This same asymmetrical shape allows us to understand the touch and without looking at whether the terminal and in the correct position for use.

At the top of the perimeter we note that a key has multiple functions. In addition to lock/unlock the screen can be used in multimedia and also to take pictures once the camera and active.

Who conceived the idea of this BlackBerry smartphone, the screen becomes a huge flash or light source in case of need but the major part it is the touch screen. They must recognize if you are really selecting an application, or if the device and ‘slipped from his hand causing involuntary’ to click on an icon. As a concept, there is no what to say. And ‘original and will like’ a lot to lovers of full-touchscreen smartphone.


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