ICANN allows whole words as domain names

In Singapore for the 41st meeting of the board of directors, board members of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) approved the launch of domain names using company names or registered on June 20, 2011, also concerned that communities can use their name as a “brand”.

Large international companies, major brands, cities, regions etc. will thus launch sites in their names ending in “.apple”, “.toyota” etc.

ICANN allows whole words as domain names

Connect to the Authority contacted Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) and its president and CEO Byron Holland, who was in Singapore at the conference said, “Today is a truly historic in the life of the Internet. This is the beginning of a new era”.

The ICANN Board voted 13 in favor and 1 against in favor of this reform, two members abstaining.

Companies that benefit most are the “brands with a clear marketing strategy and customer-oriented enabling them to use their name on a competitive basis,” said Theo Hnarakis, director of Melbourne IT Digital Brand Services, a company California specializing in Internet services.

Applications can be made from January 12, 2012, and this, for a period of 90 days. Businesses and communities must attach a check for 185,000 U.S. dollars. “The first record may be accepted at the end of 2012,” said Rod Beckstrom, CEO of ICANN. He said about 120 companies and communities have already expressed their interest publicly.

(Source: CIRA, ICANN)


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