Ideas to decorate the bedroom with wallpaper

When we look for the best way to decorate your bedrooms what we want it is always to find the balance between good taste and serenity to rest every day. The bedroom is a haven for people and therefore must convey calm and security. Decorating with wallpaper is an excellent way to find a style that also fits your personality and serenity you seek.

Stylish Bedroom Decorating Ideas and Design Pictures

There are many ways you can use wallpaper for your bedroom. In recent years the wallpaper offers almost infinite possibilities to decorate with this great material world and not just in your walls! If you are looking for ways to change the look of your bedroom, the wallpaper will definitely be your great ally.

You can choose from large prints, different patterns, lines of color … Do not run away from the traditional wallpaper if it really is what you like, nor characteristic patterns to encourage the amplitude or brightness of your stay. For example, the stripes can make a difference in a small bedroom and give an illusion of height or extra width. Play visuals is ideal to get good results.

wallpaper as a decorative accent

The wallpaper is a great tool for enhancing a feature that you like and you want to call more attention. For example, you can put a painted with a pretty design on a wall you want to highlight more like behind the headboard, or you can papering the headboard of the bed with wallpaper and you can even wallpapering the ceiling with a design paper that catches your attention and you want to see every day before you go to bed and see nothing but waking up in the morning.

Here are some great ways to give your bedroom a new look without spending

combine designs

One idea is to combine usually like pretty classic designs with color you like to give a more modern or traditional touch depending on the color or design you have chosen. For example, you can choose a classic wallpaper with floral motifs and combine it with bold colors like lime green or fuchsia pink.

Reload furniture

The wallpaper does not serve only to decorate the walls of your bedroom, but can be much more versatile than you can imagine. You can use wallpaper to decorate your furniture. If for example you have some antique furniture or want to transform to give a different air and others that look much nicer, you can use wallpaper to decorate your furniture. Choose a design, choose the amount you need-and begins to transform your furniture!

Within furniture

But if you want to decorate with wallpaper outside furniture but you want inside is nice and also can last longer and are in better condition, then feel free paper with wallpaper inside cabinets and drawers. Each time you use this furniture will have to see inside.

Stylish color scheme

You can give your bedroom a calm or exciting environment depending on what is the feeling you want to convey. For example, you can use a painted with a color that fits your decor or otherwise to provide a contrast in style paper. The colors always give a lot of play in the decoration and you can use it to your advantage.

Create different areas in your bedroom

The wallpaper can also help you to create different zones in the bedroom. For example, you can create a reading corner, meditation, study, dressing room or space as a toilet. Choose a painting related to the activity you want to develop to create a different space in your bedroom paper. It’s great!


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