Image Passwords of Windows 8 are easy to hack

With the release of Windows 8 last October 2012, Microsoft introduced in the final version a new way to protect your system devices used, particularly aimed at tablets and laptops, based on the release with pictures and gestures. This allowed the administrator an unlock pattern you would use to access the system quickly and “safe”.

This new way to unlock a Windows 8 is apparently quite safe and easily accessible since it would not need to have to write any phrase or word to access the system. With doing any gesture on the screen and could start using it. A study by Arizona State University, Delaware State University and GFS Technology shows that image-based password or gestures are quite unsafe and could be easily hacked.

The study shows that people tend to interact with the highlights, including elements such as the eyes, nose, hands, fingers, jaw, a table, a book, etc.. Thus, a hacker or hacker could test multiple combinations of the above to get unlock the computer.

any type of image-based passwords can be hacked easily

Although Microsoft has not made any statement about the safety of this new password, still recommended to people who use this type of Image Passwords in Windows 8 and Windows RT as they are faster and allow the user to access your system more easily without the trouble to write constantly password.

This does not mean it’s a problem of Windows 8, but any type of image-based passwords can be hacked easily. A similar case was investigated and discovered Android facial recognition that can easily be compromised with a photograph of the owner.

You can see the entire research document in the following link.

Do you use Image Passwords on your systems? What kind of passwords you prefer to use?


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