Importance new food pyramid in health and psycho-physical balance

The U.S. presented a new graph to the food pyramid, which takes into account a diet that includes all food groups, while its combination with the sport. The stipulation of proportion and variety of food for a good quality of life is made based on six basic food groups: grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy, meats, vegetables and eggs and finally fats and oils. Health, both physically and mentally, depends on the respect of a varied diet in perspective.
Importance new food pyramid in health and psycho-physical balance
The lines of the new pyramid are not horizontal, but the segmented into vertical strips that reflect the importance for health is moderate incorporation of all foods. Recommended daily amounts are regulated by the thickness of each segment. In turn, it is included in the graphical representation of the physical exercise by means of a small person climbing a ladder, based on an ideal physical activity 30 minutes daily.

Food Groups

  • The essence of a healthy diet is balanced intake of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and lipids.
  • In orange are the cereals and grains, which provide carbohydrates, so as to give the body enough energy for daily activities. Included in this group, bread, rice, wheat and corn.
  • The green stripe is for the vegetables, emphasizing the variety of them. It is best, raw or cooked, taken at least four servings per day for a comprehensive health and good mental and physical performance in general.
  • As for fruit, vegetables are necessary to incorporate fibers, vitamins and minerals. Similarly, consumption can not miss in the daily eating habits after a complete physical balance.
  • Yellow is the color of the fat, which, although small amounts are essential for proper body functioning. Fats include oils, fatty acids, derived from vegetable and saturated oils such as lard, which comes from the animal kingdom.
  • The dairy in heaven give the body complete proteins, so it should not be absent from the daily nutrition. The body needs these proteins at least once a day.
  • But the biggest source of protein is provided by the meat and vegetables, but their use can not exceed 7 servings per week, portions in terms of meat, reference should be as lean as possible.

In conclusion, the new food pyramid outlines a simple way how to be a balanced diet providing all nutrients to the body, a healthy and active. Nothing is said, for example, sweets and alcohol, previously placed in the apex of the triangle. But yes specifies that the priority to feeding time should lie with vegetables, fish, nuts, and legumes, and that to sustain a healthy balance both sugars, and salt and saturated fats should be kept line.


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