Important Aspects for Home Insurance

No doubt one of the most important investments in our lives is to hire a home insurance because home insurance protects us from losses to our home, our personal property and damage to third parties. The most important thing to take into account before hiring home insurance is not the price if you do not read the information, coverage and services well. Ignoring this type of information could lead to extra expense or surprise expense.

insecurity is a more controversial issue due to crime, which is why it is essential to have home insurance
Essential Information for Hiring Home Insurance

When assessing your goods tend to only take into account that we consider more valuable and when we do the above value. As for other goods we tend not to value them as they should. The best thing to do is get professional advice for an optimal assessment.

Compare well: insurance companies will offer different types of coverage and each offers different amounts, limits, clauses, exemptions and exclusions.
Declares well : if you have expensive goods, you must declare them often will ask even documented and highlight it .
Question before : you must ask before hiring your home insurance, which are hedges, which are protected goods, which are not and which occupy a special coverage.

Essential Concepts for Hiring Home Insurance

Continent: are all elements that constitute the building without the ground or the contents of the house, walls, doors, windows, ceiling, floor etc.
Contents are all personal belongings and furniture that want to insure, which becomes the most difficult to assess in most cases because many factors come into play as the location of housing, the type of house etc.
Replacement Value : the insured value is covering the cost of replacing the property insured in case of an accident.
Real value: is the value for which the goods are secured by its value before a loss, taking into account the depreciation of assets.
Aesthetic value: is the type of insurance that ensures that after repair the damage aesthetically restore the damaged well.

The essential coverage that your home insurance should have are:
Damage from causes (tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.)
Flood damage.
Electrical damage.
Breaking windows and glass.

Things that usually can not be guaranteed
Precious metals like gold or silver that are not assembled.
Motor or aerial goods that are totally or partially submerged in water.
Collections of coins, banknotes, decals etc.
Works of art and jewels (special covers exist for them).


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