How to improve Android camera with applications

How to improve the camera of an Android phone, usually there are many users who think things like a cell with more megapixels will be better, or in simpler words, the more megapixels the better the image, a total error Why? I ask you, you know if it means for example that a cell phone has a camera of 6 megapixels for example, you probably do not know the answer, and if you know it then you will know that megapixels only serve to detail the resolution of an image, not the quality what this will have, the quality of an image depends on other factors.

All this is achieved with something so simple that the software is able to get the most out of our Android device

To give you a quick idea, that a cell phone has 4 megapixels for example, it means that its resolution will be approximately 2272 × 1704, taking into consideration that full HD TV screens only read resolutions of 1920X1080 P, which means , with a camera of only 2 megapixels you can see a photograph taken from a cell phone in all its splendor on a television of about 42 inches, then if we translate this into everyday life, a cell phone screen is not as extensive as a television 42 inches, same case for computer screens, in simpler words, that of more megapixels is better, it is just a commercial strategy on the part of stores.

So what does it matter for a better image quality ?

What matters is within the hardware of a phone and how it is used in a smartphone or tablet, something that very few are able to use at all, so what is the key to having an image with better quality without having a cell phone? last generation, simple get more out of the hardware of your device at the time of shooting the photo.

All this is achieved with something so simple that the software is able to get the most out of our Android device. By default this does not happen, that is where the following applications intervene, which finally manage to optimize the hardware of our device.

Improve your Android’s camera

Snapseed; It is considered one of the best applications available today in Google Play, which allows us to take our shots giving an almost professional touch, this changing things such as tone, adjusting the brightness and saturation that would have the final image .

ProCapture Free; An application that actually more than improve the quality of our image, allows us to perform different modes at the time of shooting within the camera of an Android , type of shots from Panorama, timer, educed noise and wide shot just by name some.

Camera360 Ultimate; If we had to do a compilation of which is the best, this could take the prize, mainly because it manages to include more than a hundred effects that are free, in addition to multiple functions, from shooting modes that are preset, to the improvement of quality.


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