Improve the Windows 10 search engine with the best tricks

Windows is an operating system that, how could it be otherwise, is full of integrated functions with which Microsoft makes things much easier for us. In fact, many have been accompanying us for many years and versions of the software, as in the case of the Windows search engine.

In addition to this we can add the utility of the taskbar, the functions that the Control Panel presents, etc. All this forms the basis of what today we know as the most used operating system on PCs in the world, Windows 10 . But there are also users who have worked and many continue to do so with Windows 7 , 8.1 and even some even with XP. As the technology in general has advanced, this is a software that has adapted to the new times.

Activate Enhanced Windows Finder

For example, this is something that directly affects the storage section. Every time we have units of greater capacity, and faster. This is where precisely the element we want to talk about here comes into play, the Windows search engine. This, as you know, helps us to locate in a more direct way the files and folders that we have stored in the disk drives. As these are increasing, the amount of these elements is consistent.

We can make use of this search engine that we are talking about, directly from the File Explorer. Here we find a search box that is located in the upper right corner of the Explorer. So, if you use a lot of this functionality, we are going to show some useful tricks to get the most performance to the search of Windows.

Activate Enhanced Windows Finder

The most recent versions of Windows 10 make an indexed search system available to us in order to increase the speed of this process. Of course, we must know that what this does is to initially index the contents of the disk that we want so that later the searches are almost immediate. This is something that is deactivated by default, so we can activate it to improve these actions. This is something that we achieve from the Settings / Search / Search application in Windows. Here we can activate the option called Enhanced in the Search my files section.

Use wildcard characters when searching for files

Once we are ready to carry out a specific search from the aforementioned File Explorer, to speed up the process, we can use wildcard characters . These are represented with an asterisk (*) that we can include whenever we want. For example, if we want to search only files that begin with the terms DOCU, we can type DOCU *. Here we can use this character in all positions and situations that interest us.

Filter by size in Windows finder

Something similar, in order to speed up this process, is to limit the search for content by size. For this we can include the command called Size that we can also include in this search box . As an example, if we want to locate files larger than 500 megabytes from here, we just have to write Size:> 700MB.

Use classes to locate content of a specific type

It can also be the case that we want to locate a certain type of file from here, for example, photos. Thus, in this same section of the File Explorer , we can use the Class command. Well, on the assumption that we intend to search for all the photos saved on the selected drive, we can type the command Class: = image. All this in order to streamline and filter these tedious file search tasks.


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