Facebook Unveils Hashtags for Real-Time Public Conversations

Facebook yesterday began to establish its users the possibility of using hashtags to more easily discuss events of all kinds. The hashtag is one of the most popular element of the social network like Twitter and its arrival in Facebook is another sign of the growing convergence between social networks.

Now, if we use a hashtag on Facebook it will just add the # symbol – as #elections – in any of the terms to include in our posts.

Facebook takes on clickable hashtag

The use of hashtags on Twitter is in a very convenient time to discuss live events, such as sporting events or TV shows. And it is a very useful way for advertisers to reach their audience in a more simple.

It is estimated that more than 80 million users access Facebook while watching TV in prime time in the U.S. only. Therefore, the ability to comment on the programs they are watching through hashtags can be very powerful.

The truth is that a large number of users of Facebook uses the social network to discuss these events. But Facebook hashtags would give them the possibility to directly access and simple to messages posted by other users on the same subject.

The problem faced by many is that unlike Twitter messages, which are public and visible to all users, much of the writing in Facebook messages can only see our contacts. But do not worry, since users know not only can read the messages that we have stipulated as public, although we used hashtags.

Therefore, now the social media, Facebook, has popped up one more bold step for sharing live events via unveiling hashtags for real-time public conversations.


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