In one week, Weight Loss with the lemon diet

Stars also swear by the lemon diet is anything but a radical cure. Rather, the organism is step by step to a healthy diet low in fat and brought up from the ground and cleaned.

No, we are not only eaten lemons and otherwise gone hungry. What sounds like a radical diet, in fact, a similar purification. Because of special theme days, the body is detoxified by healthy things like fruits and vegetables and always supplied with sufficient fluid.

The lemon diet but it is based generally on a home-made lemonade, which is mixed in lemon juice, water, maple syrup and cayenne and chili powder.

In one week, Weight Loss with the lemon diet

Learn about proper nutrition

The aim of the lemon diet is a digestive fallen asleep again to bring up to scratch, to stimulate the vitality and of course to lose a few kilos.

The good thing about this diet is that the body is supplied with everything it needs. Oils, fats, vitamins – can be used for anything. Even bread is not prohibited as long as it is whole grain! And of course drinking must be sufficient. This alone should have reduced the body weight by a kilo.

No empty promises

The diet promises to have several pounds and slimmed down to a small size pants for a week! So who wants to say no? Small drawback: the products that may be eaten are more expensive to purchase than a normal purchase it would be.

Big plus is that five meals must be eaten on the day. So no one should go hungry and your metabolism can not be shut down in this way.

So go ahead

The procedure is relatively simple. There are no calories or fat contents counted, it must be the food a day as varied as possible. At the beginning of a diet only vegetables, fruits, fish and oils (found in nuts and beans) may be eaten.

Of course, should be sufficiently homemade lemonade to drink, and plenty of mineral water. The remaining days are devoted to boosting the fat loss, the structure of the vitamin balance, stabilization of blood sugar levels and so on.

Here are the days in the overview:

Day 1: drink a lot!

Day 2: Vitamin C-day, five fruits and vegetables

Day 3: Stable achieve blood sugar levels

Day 4: consume less sugar

Day 5: fat intake to maintain

Day 6: combining fresh foods with whole grains

Day 7: Creating good digestion


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