Incompetent cervix: treatment and prevention of premature birth

During pregnancy the cervix is closed, keeping the baby safe inside the amniotic sac, but in one in 100 pregnancies the cervix yields to pressure and opens it, what is called incompetent cervix or cervical weak.

As the cervix is dilated, the amniotic sac slips and breaks down causing the premature birth or loss of baby.

An incompetent cervix can be the result of any of these factors:

  • Fetal exposure to diethylstilbestrol (DES), through the mother
  • Misshapen uterus or cervix malformed
  • Cervical surgery
  • Cervical biopsies
  • Previous deliveries with complications
  • Cervical Trauma
  • Repeat abortions during the latter stages of pregnancy

If the woman does not have any of these risk factors, it is not usually subjected to medical tests that detect the incompetent cervix, only if the woman has three or more spontaneous pregnancy losses is estimated to be very weak cervix. The diagnosis of neck Incompetent cervix is very difficult and in many cases where it is suspected that this lesion, the problem may be something else.
Incompetent cervix treatment and prevention of premature birth
In the weak cervix early treatment is essential to prevent pregnancy loss. The specialist performs a procedure known as cerclage in which one or two points in the cervix which is kept closed until it is fully developed and the time to give birth are removed.

Also in some cases, medications along with the banding process often prescribed to increase the safety of the baby and the pregnancy to term. When the neck is weak in the last weeks of pregnancy, bed rest is recommended only for pregnant women.

Once weakened cervix cannot do anything to strengthen it, but in subsequent pregnancies as preventive treatments are performed cerclage in early pregnancy and drug therapies.


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