10 signs indicate that your computer is infected with a virus

Windows is the operating system most used around the world and, therefore, is also the most attacked by hackers since it is what generates higher profits. Typically, antivirus software can help detect any virus or malware on your computer and also protect from infection. However, these are not always 100% effective, so, although we count with security measures, always run the risk of ending up infected.

If your antivirus has not been able to detect malware and this has come to infect your system usually difficult to know that you are infected. However, after an infection, always they appear a series of signs and abnormal behavior in the system that can give you clues about a possible malware infection.

Then you will see a series of clues and signs that indicate possible malware infection.

Tracks and signs that your computer may be infected with malware

The most common behavior of an infected computer malware is that it starts to run very slow and very slow. The malware, usually, usually using a large number of resources to monitor user activity on the computer, send data to hackers and ensure their priority operation, therefore, infected by malware computers are usually very slow.

malware infection

In addition to going slow, an infected computer will usually give many problems, usually frozen and restarted often both suddenly as displaying a blue screen, apparently for no reason. It is also very common that the computer stops working properly and that many of the applications may not work properly .

Viruses usually have a series measures to detect, block and disable the antivirus software. Therefore, if your antivirus is constantly deactivated or closing unexpectedly, malware may be responsible for it. In addition, the virus usually control your Internet connection, so if we try to enter a web page to download an antivirus , it is safer to also block or redirect to another site.

Error while installing antivirus

Other signs that may show the virus on your computer is that, suddenly, you can not access your hard drives or data stored on them or, for example, not be able to print normally.

If it appears on your computer screen a message indicating that you are infected by a virus and should follow certain steps to disinfect the computer, or pay to recover your data, we will be infected. A similar sign is that appear advertisements constantly.

Fantom Ransomware

Finally, if you see that some desktop icons disappear or that some programs are uninstalled automatically from your computer, you probably infected by ransomware.

How to disinfect your computer from viruses and malware

The fastest and easiest way to kill a virus or malware is to install an updated and reliable antivirus application to be responsible for analyzing your operating system, find any threat and eliminate to recover the basic functioning of our system. You can also use one of the online antivirus that will help you analyze your computer for viruses without installing any software on your computer.

If you are Windows 10 user, you must ensure that your Windows Defender is updated as it can also help detect and eliminate possible threats. To remove other unwanted software can not use applications specialized, in other types of malware beyond viruses and Trojans.

Finally, if none of the above has no effect or damage the virus have been too large for the system, you can try to restore the system to a previous state (be careful that the virus is not restored in the process) or probably best option to format the computer completely.

Have you ever been infected by a virus? How did you disinfect it?


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