Instagram, the photo app, could be in Windows Phone 8

One of the most valued and beloved applications by users of the two main platforms could be considering expanding to the third question. It is the application of photographic filters known as Instagram, which, after a long period of exclusivity on iPhone, came to Android last April and could now also landed in the Windows Phone 8. It is surely a glad news for the owners of windows phone mobiles like Nokia Lumia etc.

Instagram, the photo app, could become Windows Phone 8

However, we have to say that, for now, it is based only on hearsay. And the news follows the publication of a promotional video of the recently introduced Nokia Lumia 920. In that video (you can see below) shows some features of the new terminal, including highlighting some live icons or tiles of unique applications that come with its launch. This is where, supposedly, Instagram. Through an animated icon where you can see some pictures with Heart Shaped ratings and comments.

Issues that are specific to the social network photo editing, but also of the application that gives way to the video site Vimeo. However, the specializing Instagram. The Verge confirms that reach the new generation of smartphones from Microsoft but does not clarify the issue of Lumia 920 icon. Therefore we can only expect official confirmation by the own Instagram, of Microsoft or Nokia, who might have the exclusivity if we get carried away by the sound of the promotional video.

This same medium expands its information stating that according to his sources, the people of Instagram would not be working in the application for the operating system Windows Phone 8. This issue would not be against the supposed arrival of photographic filters tool, and is not the first time I own Microsoft would be responsible for developing a version for your operating system to other applications. Something has happened with Facebook and Twitter on Windows Phone 7.

Therefore, we can not trust the evidence and with the same ease that is confirmed, it belie data arrives. The arrival of Windows Phone 8 Instagram to be a logical step after going past the exclusivity with the iPhone. This permits more users to lose their fear of moving to the Microsoft platform to learn that there are tools that can be shared with other users and terminals. And it would be a big boost for the Redmond escalate positions and catch up (although differences remain significant) in Android and Apple.

But, as we say, for now there are more rumors, no official confirmation by either party. We will have to wait a little longer to see if the live tile presentation of Nokia Lumia 920 actually corresponds to the version for Windows Phone 8 of Instagram. We look at new evidence.


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