Installing the Google +1 button in WordPress

Google implemented its innovative +1 button a few weeks ago. This button provides readers with a website or blog the possibility of evaluating the content it offers, so the search engine identify what pages are most relevant to users to better position in search engines.

If you have a WordPress blog, we can be very interesting to have this button, it can become a key to improving our position. A very important percentage of visits to get the blogs today come from the results of search engines, so they appear at the top can be essential.

Google implemented its innovative +1 button

For a blog on, the process to add this button is quite simple:

On the desktop side menu choose Settings.

Under Settings, click on Sharing

Among all the buttons, choose Google +1 and dragged it into the area called “Enabled Services”

Now you have to customize. The first option you can decide whether to display the icon and text, only the icon or text only.

In the next field you can choose the text that will accompany our icon in case you have chosen well.

Then decide if you want the links open in a new window or the same. It asks us to default WordPress install any button, but in this case is unimportant.

Finally, you can decide if you want the button to appear only in posts and pages, different only in the index or index pages and posts.

Once determined these simple steps, visitors can reward our blog and our content, now only strive to be to their liking.

Enjoy, and attract more visitors to your blog.


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