Interior decor: Pots with LED Light

New technologies have a place of security in the modern decor, therefore, innovative products are the order of the day and mixed well with the decor as with elements of more traditional decor.

Outdoor spaces are integrated into the home and its decor is very important now to give them comfort similar to that possessed by the interior spaces. Within this framework is arriving elements produced by modern technologies, such as these pots bright, they come to replace the traditional clay pots to prioritize our plants and spaces that house them.

The pots have various designs viz: bright, modern and sophisticated to fulfill their role as elegant shelter for plants, transformed overnight into striking lamps that create an environment unique and charming.

These containers include LED lamps at the bottom, which convert any space inside or outside in a warm, relaxed and elegant, enhancing your flowers and plants.

The tight manufacturing allows you to use them in any environment condition, both the sun and in extreme cold or heat. Resistant to water, temperature changes and will not corrode or degrade over time.

The technology that operates pots with LED light:
The pots of LED technology, have a remote command that allows you to turn on and off, as well as change its color, so combined with any space or situation, allowing you to change your look simply by pressing a button.
pots with LED light
They also offer various lighting effects such as flashing lights and rotating etc. Simply program the command and change of Colour and rhythm to your like.

The pots with light LED powered by AA battery, usually three units, so they require no installation or wiring and have low power consumption.

These pots have the guarantee of quality of international organizations, as they respond to more demanding criteria, besides being environmentally friendly.


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