Internet Explorer is too slow: What to do?

If the IE opens the pages slowly, the browser itself is not always to blame. Other programs, called add-ons and malicious programs could be just as responsible for this. To fix the problem, all eligible factors must be checked and then fixed.

Internet Explorer is too slow What to do


If Internet Explorer load or open new tabs much slower than before, this may be due to the add-on Java. Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools, Manage Add-ons. Here you will find the Java Plug-In 2 SSV Helper, select it and disable it. After restarting the browser should be restored.

Anti-spyware programs

These programs are useful, but may force IE to work slowly, if you registered too many addresses, at the restrictive sites. Here, the immunization will be reversed, so that the largest number of pages being removed. Another solution is currently not possible.

Temporary files

IE saves web pages for faster access to the hard disk. If these pages are not deleted, they can slow down Internet Explorer. To delete these files:

  • open Internet Explorer and go to Tools
  • click Internet Options and go to General
  • Delete Browsing history,
  • Delete Temporary Internet Files

Trojans and other malicious programs

On the slowness of IE, Trojan or other malicious program can be blamed. To check this use any  anti-virus program. There are so many free anti-virus and Anti-spyware program on the Internet. It is also recommended that, use several similar programs of different manufacturers to scan, but not simultaneously. The programs are usually able to eliminate the nuisance itself.


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