Intuos Creative stylus digital pen for iPad

The company Wacom, recognized worldwide for providing solutions to professionals in the graphics world, has launched an entirely new product for people using the iPad for his professional affairs. It’s called Intuos Creative Stylus and a digital pen that will allow designers and graphic artists to develop their work with him as if they were working with a pencil and paper, when in fact they do on a digital tablet. The pen has the guarantee offered by Wacom, works with a technology that invented digital pens before, reaches 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity.

This part is already on sale in Europe and costs 100 euros. It can get through the Wacom online store in its two color combination models, which are black-black and black-blue.

It is a high quality digital pen and great sensitivity. This allows users to enjoy a greater sense of control. These aspects must add that features a high quality response, the panel reacts to stimuli very sensitive, but not control inadvertent touches.

The Wacom attachment technology works with Bluetooth 4.0 Smart

The system is able to perceive it in a better way if you use the Wacom application designed for this purpose and to detect more accurately the nature of the touch on the screen. One of the most striking is Bamboo Paper, a notebook optimized for better performance with the stylus. This application has many features and tools to maximize the Intuos Creative Stylus and to perform tasks that would be very complicated if you interact simply with your finger.

The Wacom attachment technology works with Bluetooth 4.0 Smart. With it, you can connect the latest iPad devices to enjoy all its benefits. Its design has been developed to perform at its best, has an aluminum housing and ergonomic tip that fits any operation. It has some buttons with faster access to certain functions. The pen is slim and weight is not excessive, runs through AAAA batteries.

The Intuos Creative Stylus comes with a protective case, one external battery and two spare tips. As mentioned above, costs 100 euros and is already available on the market.


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