Details analysis: IP telephony vs VoIP technology

At present, scientific advances allow us to maintain communications through a variety of options and innovations in this field have managed to draw a true convergence of technologies, from traditional communications, mobile communications, Internet and others.

IP telephony vs VoIP technology

Today, the world of communication is living a really drastic change, thanks to the incorporation of the so-called IP telephony, whose expansion has the support of leading developers of systems, such as Cisco and Avaya, and leading equipment manufacturers, such as Alcatel, Nortel Networks, Matra, Samsung and LG.

The advancement and expansion of this technology is no accident, since the IP telephony provides a number of important advantages, both for those who offer the service to users that this hire.

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But before we wrap up what are the fundamental reasons why the use of IP telephony is profitable, we need to clarify that the term is derived from the technology called voice over Internet Protocol, better known as VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, which consists of a set of resources that allow you to carry a signal of voice over the Internet, using an IP protocol that is to say the Internet Protocol. Its main feature lies in the fact of making it possible to send the signal of voice in digital format, encoded in packages.

However, it is important to establish the substantial difference that exists between VoIP, which refers to the technology that makes possible communication of voice over IP Protocol, and IP telephony, which is basically the telephone service available to the public based on VoIP technology.

The reasons for using IP telephony

Due to the advantages that reported the use of IP telephony for communication, many experts say that in the near future this will be the technology that will replace the traditional communications media.

In principle, IP Telephony allows us to reduce the costs communications, since at present the value of installation of this technology is approximately 30% smaller in comparison to the conventional telephone installations.

On the other hand, costs also reduced in terms of service, since when we hire a particular plan of IP telephony, we can reach a reduction of up to 50% on the cost of national and international calls.

Also, in what refers to internal calls the service not charged this kind of communication, so it is ideal for companies, especially those that own branches, with IP telephony it is possible to communicate with all the areas free of charge.


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