iPhone 5 iOS on Android phones with MIUI ROM

The team MIUI has released version 1.6.17 of the note based on the modified ROM Android kernel 2.3.4.

MIUI ROM is a modified kernel based on Android 2.3.4, the latest version of the mobile operating system developed by Google, known by the codename of Gingerbread, and addressed to smartphones. MIUI is the work of a team of Chinese developers, which aims to offer users of Android-based handsets can take advantage of additional features and customize the experience conveyed by the smartphone.

iPhone 5 iOS on Android phones with MIUI ROM

The home of MIUI

This is an excellent ROM, which has the benefit of many users. However, there is one aspect that could be debated by the nose not only the purist of Android, but also to those who are accustomed to working with proprietary interfaces and / or custom developed for the Google mobile operating system. MIUI, in fact, brings on board the Android user interface which, in fact, designed to replicate the style of Apple’s operating system iOS .

The latest version available from the team is the 1.6.17 release. MIUI can be used on board Nexus One, Nexus S , HTC Desire, Desire HTC HD , HTC Z Desire , Incredible HTC, HTC EVO 4G, HD2, Milestone Motorola , Samsung and Motorola Defy Galaxy S.

The resemblance to Apple’s iPhone OS may be more or less acceptable. What, however, seems to collect the full benefit of the users of Android-based smartphone is inherent to the functions conveyed through MIUI. The Chinese team was able to bring Android phones on the news announced by Apple to iPhone OS 5.

At the last we can say that Android + iOS = MIUI custom ROM


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