iPhone 6S features: Force Touch and Taptic Engine

We return to talk about iPhone 6S that the next smartphone that will be produced by the company’s Cupertino that will incorporate two new features: Force Touch and Taptic Engine! According to the latest rumors in fact, the new device, or rather the new devices will have these features already partially present on Apple Watch , but this is yet to be certified, and we’ll know only when their official presentations.

iPhone 6S incorporate two new features: Force Touch and Taptic Engine

Why speak in the plural? Simple, because the new iPhone 6S will not be alone but will be accompanied by his brother largest iPhone 6S Plus, as already happened in the current version. In the first case we speak of name in code N71, while in the second case we speak of the N66 model. The two new devices, follow the lines of those currently on the market, at least for the display: because they speak of a 4.7 Inches iPhone 6S and a 5.5 inch iPhone 6S Plus. But let’s get to know more precisely these two new features: Force Touch and Taptic Engine!

Apple has said, “Force Touch once again revolutionize the concept of touch-screen”! In the past, Apple has amazed all presented the first device with capacitive screen ( the then iPhone 2G ) and still, although there have been many improvements to the touch, is the technology used on all smartphones and tablets known (apart from those with resistive display!).

Taptic Engine instead, will focus on a whole new system of vibration. The device will be equipped with vibration sensors in different parts of the body. This will allow you to perceive signals (vibration) for a number of actions that the device will have to accomplish: in particular, holding it in his hand (maybe in the race) will be able to tell if there is a notification arrived and which application refers precisely through vibration also will be released the API to integrate this technology in action games, racing or shooter, in which the vibrations allow a level of immersion definitely better!

So Apple is always working to bring new technologies that we will see in the future probably on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. We do not know for the moment whether these features will be present on Apple Watch, useful for example the arrival of a notification, but not We just have to wait for the official presentation in which we will have all the information its new Apple devices!


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