iPhone Apps for Photographers

The article is addressed primarily to go iPhone users. Well, also for future iPhone users still undecided. It will not be typical of iPhone applications with which you can better picture quality in the iPhone itself, we all know that a good photographer nothing can replace that feeling of having a DSLR in my hands. So, today’s applications in this regard are: to improve the photography experience.

IPhone Apps for Photographers

IPhone photography applications

Free Digital Photography: A very good guide aimed at newcomers to the photographers digital world. The biggest advantage I see is that it is a book that you carry the iPhone everywhere, you can see on the Metro, in the dentist’s waiting room, or even in the time to be taking pictures there. Normally the application costs about 15 euros but there is a free version that I recommend you try, and now if you like and you decide, go ahead, sure to be a good buy.

Strobox: Definitely the best application if you want to be represented by a graph lighting conditions, flash etc. It’s free. Worth a try.

DOFMaster: Very good iPhone application to estimate the depth of field. To calculate the proper depth of field to get perfectly focused pictures of landscapes according to our taste. It costs 1.59 euros.

DSLR Camera Remote Professional: Forget about buying a remote trigger for your Nikon or Canon DSLR. With this application you can control the camera from the iPhone, even some additional functionality such as cameras do not have the Nikon D60 LiveView via your iPhone. How? For connecting the camera to the computer and turning on the Wi-Fi on your iPhone and your computer. The application costs 15.99 euros in its professional version and 1.59 euros in your lite version.


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