iPhone error 1601 – solution options

If the iPhone system is reset, a message may appear stating that the recovery is not possible due to an unknown error. This is the iPhone’s 1,601th error.
Sometimes it is necessary to restore the system from an iPhone. This is the case if the iPhone has been suspended after a reboot and not functional. As a rule, a system recovery is avoided, since important data, photos and calendar entries to the neglect of the software are not available on. For a system restore, it is important that the device is for the duration of the reset put into maintenance mode and connected to iTunes. A recovery in the so-called DFU mode is possible, however, often leads to error messages that can be resolved without advanced knowledge of software is difficult. Nevertheless, it is possible that occurs at a properly conducted restore the iPhone 1,601th error.

iPhone error 1601 - solution options

Preparing the System Restore

If an advance system recovery inevitable, some security measures need to be taken. This is recommended to create a back-up file and the import of contacts in a mail program. To fix the iPhone error 1601, the Apple programs concerned must be deleted on the computer.
This includes iTunes as well as the programs that are required to access the computer to the iPhone. As the programs work together, it makes sense to carry out the removal in a fixed order. This is good practice to delete the programs in the following order: iTunes, Quicktime, Apple Software Update, Apple Mobile Device Support, Bonjour, Apple Application Support. After uninstalling the computer is restarted and the iPhone Error 1601 can be fixed.

The error in the database: how to fix?

To restore the system of the iPhone, connect the device through the USB port to the computer and install the latest version of iTunes on the computer. Since a direct connection between the PC via the iPhone and iTunes, the iPhone bug fixes 1601 with the installation of the iTunes software.
If it again appear the message that a full system recovery is not possible due to an error, iTunes has caused in the database of the iPhone an error. In order to identify these, it is advisable to use a free program that errors in the database, the iPhone recognizes. The program ‘iREB’ is recommended for bug fix in the database.
To work with ‘iREB’ which is put in iPhone DFU state and terminates iTunes. Instead of iTunes ‘iREB’ is consulted. The program design of ‘iREB’ is similar to Apple applications, so it can be also selected in the sidebar of the defective iPhone. Once elected, the iPhone now iTunes opens and starts the recovery process.

By holding down the shift key can now be started the custom firmware with the file extension ‘iSPW’ in Windows Explorer. This raises errors in the database of iPhones, which can be terminated System Restore and the iPhone’s 1,601th problem is fixed .


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