iPhone has fallen into the water – what to do?

The iPhone has fallen into the pool? In general, electrical devices like the iPhone is not designed for use under water, but it is possible that the device continues to function.
The iPhone is a loyal companion and should not be missing on holiday. Too easy to photos from iPhone to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to be published. To capture the best photos on the iPhone, it is sometimes necessary to make the photos are located close to the water positions. Here a brief moment of shock is already sufficient to drop the phone. On holiday it is therefore even more ‘My iPhone is dropped into the pool.’ But an iPhone can survive a fall into the water, are observed directly after as long as the water damage a few important things.

smartphones fallen into the water

The iPhone has already fallen into the pool and raises the question of the owner, as the device can be obtained. It does not usually matter if the water damage has occurred due to a fall in the pool or other water sources.
The most important rule to note is after water damage, is that the iPhone must be activated in any case. On contact with water will turn the iPhone off automatically, thus resulting in short circuits inside the device. If the phone is turned on, unpredictable, if the device which carries irreparable damage.
Once the device was removed from the water, remove the SIM card. It has proven itself as an excellent piece of advice in the past, fallen into the water to dehumidify smartphones with rice. For this, the iPhone in one with raw, uncooked i.e., rice-filled freezer bags and put this is as hermetically sealed.

If the iPhone is now placed on a radiator or some other warm place, the device removes the rice absorbed the moisture. The iPhone may be a few days left in the freezer bag. The moist rice is replaced with dry rice once it has absorbed moisture.

Disassembling and cleaning the iPhone

Once the moisture is removed, it can be checked whether the iPhone can be turned on. It is likely that the display or the touch screen has suffered damage. IPhone is dropped into the pool, so damages are foreseeable, even after the drying process.
On the Internet there are also good for laymen and understand instructions that explain how an iPhone can be disassembled and cleaned after water damage. These tutorials are followed step by step and consult with the ambiguities related videos pulled, even laymen can disassemble an iPhone safe, clean and reassemble. In most cases, the unit works again after cleaning without objection. The problem that ‘iPhone is dropped into the pool’ can thus be solved relatively unscathed.


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