iPhone, iPad as a personal physician

The iPhone service to the health

Fortunately iPhone, iPod may allow you to monitor your health status. Withings has created an interface compatible with the operating system iOS of Apple gadgets. It is such an smart interface through which it is possible to monitor the health from an iPhone, iPod, iPad, with special medical equipment. At CES 2011 in Las Vegas, the French company introduced a tensiometer which connects to Apple gadgets to take blood pressure. Just place the monitor on the arm and then plug it into the gadget iOS and mechanism happens automatically. The data is then stored on the smartphone, the player or the tablet which is responsible to accurately track such as a personal physician. The display iOS may even represent the evolution of health status as curves.

The iPhone service to the health

Data can be sent to Google Health or Microsoft Health Vault to be viewed by doctors. The monitor is scheduled for the first quarter of this year, priced around 100 €.


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