Is it good to leave the laptop always charged?

it is not good to leave our laptop connected to the flow for life

As with the latest generation smartphones, in many cases the laptops that we buy today already come with the battery integrated in the motherboard, so proceeding to replace it is not something that users can do and less without losing the manufacturer’s warranty.

Being that way, taking care of our device’s battery is more important than ever, since now we do not have the option to buy one on our own and make the replacement , we must go through a specialized workshop of the brand that of course will charge us the replacement and workforce.

And in this sense, one of the doubts that users always present is whether we should leave the equipment always connected, always disconnected and carry out the loads when the team asks us or what we should do in these cases, well, today we are going to try to give some light to it and a series of tips.

For this type of hardware, it is not good neither one extreme nor another, that is, it is not good to leave our laptop connected to the flow for life, just as it is not good to leave it always disconnected and only load it when the operating system asks for it , because in the first case we will end up damaging the battery for not using it, while in the second we are consuming life cycles without reason, since this type of element has a defined number of loads and from there the operation does not It will be good.

What should we do then?

The best solution is to do a mixed process, that is, if we usually use our laptop without connecting it to the electricity network for reasons of displacement and more, we are already working in the right direction, whereas if our device does not usually travel and is always connected to the electrical current, we must make a battery consumption 1 or 2 times a month , that is, disconnect it every 15 or 30 days so that it drains its battery and recharges it completely.

For longer battery life, disconnect your laptop every 15 or 30 days so that it drains its battery and recharges it completely.

The best advice we can give is that we should not leave the battery quiet and without charging for long periods of time, but we should not exhaust it every day either , since in both cases these actions will have an impact on the life of the battery .

Therefore, if you usually move with your laptop and use the battery, perfect, but if not, do not forget to schedule a monthly download to prevent this element from running out of use and end up damaging over time.


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