Is it worth repairing of small appliances of your home?

When an appliance in our kitchen suffers a breakdown, we all think first of a repair before considering the option of replacing it, however, this is very different when it comes to the repair of small appliances. In this case, most of us throw it away without thinking twice and go to a store to buy a new one, but are we really doing the right thing?

Well I understand that there is no single answer to this question and that it will depend on different factors that we will have to take into account before taking a small appliance to repair.
It is clear that the first thing we usually think when a small appliance is damaged, such as the iron, the blender, the hair dryer … is that its purchase cost was not as high as our washing machine, for example, and that surely if We take to a repair shop, we end up paying more than half of what it cost us for a repair that perhaps the only thing that can extend its useful life is a few months, is this worth it? In this case, yes I dare to say no. The best option is to choose to throw your dryer or your blender to a clean point and buy a new one.

Is it worth repairing your small appliance?

It depends on the device

Although of course, we can not generalize and say that every time a small appliance is damaged, we must get rid of it without regard. Obviously, it also depends on the device.
You should know that it is considered a small appliance, both a hair straightener and a food processor, and the purchase price of these two appliances is very different.

Therefore, to give an example, if you have a kitchen robot or even a microwave that suffers a breakdown, I recommend you contact the technical service of the brand if you have it, and if not, you go to a repair center of appliances to assess the damage and can advise you if it is worth fixing.

When you have made an investment in the purchase of € 300 and the repair will cost you around € 60/80, it is really worth investing in your repair. Always taking into account, of course, the years of useful life that the appliance has, since it is not the same to take to repair an appliance that has 2 or 3 years of useful life, than one that already has 6 or 7, for example .

Many times, to know if it is worthwhile to repair , it is good to follow the 50% rule. This rule consists of knowing the approximate average of the useful life of the domestic appliance in question, to know if your small appliance has exceeded half of that useful life and in that case, if repairing it is going to suppose more than 50% of what it would cost you a new one, do not repair. In this case, buy.

It depends on what you use it

Another fact that also influences the decision to repair or not a small appliance , is the use you give to it, but always keeping in mind the cost of the appliance.

What I want to say is that if your toaster breaks down, for example, you may think that, as you use it daily to prepare your breakfasts, the most sensible thing is to repair it, but honestly, no matter how cheap the repair costs you, do not you think that it will be cheaper to buy a new toaster? The price of these appliances, although depending on the model you choose, is usually quite economical, and most likely you will find new toasters for the same price that the repair costs, or even less.

However, if we talk about a hair straightener, which are now so fashionable, the investment you made when buying it can be said to be considerable, since, despite being a small appliance, its cost is not cheap. If you use your hair straightener daily, and not too long ago you bought it, maybe the most sensible thing before going to buy a new one, is to inform you about the price it would cost you to repair it.

In short, it is about applying a little common sense and knowing that there are appliances in which it is not worth investing in a repair , but it is much more cost effective to replace them with new ones, and there are exceptions in which it is interesting to inquire first about the cost of repairing them.

This article is quite interesting and talks about the costs involved in any repair of an appliance, since, in most cases, they charge you even for a first diagnosis of the breakdown and it is good to know in advance this type of thing.


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