Is there a connection between woman hormones and acne?

Hormones have been traditionally linked to mood and nature of highly emotional women. Lately, people are familiar with terms such as PMS or premenstrual syndrome, knowing how they affect the female body. But when it comes to female hormones, few have the knowledge to realize that their influence on the skin.



Hormones start to induce their effect on the human body, when a human being goes through puberty. Hormones are generally active during adolescence. Their only function is to trigger biological responses, as they move through the various glands to cells as chemical messengers. For example, male hormones androgens are responsible for functions such as regulating the male subject, such as growth of facial hair and pubis, the secretion of sebum and sweat glands and control functions of the kidney. Therefore, it seems clear that hormones dominate the human body functions and must be taken seriously.


Hormonal acne:

What is hormonal acne? They are messengers, mostly chemical, triggering the oil secretion of the human body. This occurs when the hormones are directed to the skin after being released as their respective glands. As the secretion is increased, the pores of the skin become swollen and eventually burst.

This is especially to be noticed in women during or after the menstrual cycle. Women tend to enters distress and use anti-acne creams. But this does not solve the problem. It is important to know what causes these buttons and find the appropriate remedy to heal the form inside.


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Prevention and treatment of acne on the scalp
Generally, adult women are seen to suffer from the worsening of acne. The standard remedy is to use antibiotics, accutane or topical preparations. Various surveys have shown that nearly 60 percent of these women show an interest in the common process and show no reaction to the general manner of treating acne related problems.


Acne treatment with hormones is very useful. Due to work constraints for women, it is found that men increased hormone levels and cause acne. Also there are several hormones in women who act like male hormones.


Stopping use of birth control pills also cause acne in some women. This is because estrogen present in these pills with progesterone is supplied to the body. Oil begins to be secreted by the sebaceous glands when the pill intake is stopped, resulting in acne.


Hormonal treatment of acne

In the case of women, possible methods of treating acne are many. Generally topical antimicrobial like benzoyl peroxide and antibiotics, topical retinoids, anti-androgen drugs and oral antibiotics for a break inflammation are prescribed.


Oral contraceptive pills are also useful because they induce estrogen, which fights against the secretion of androgens. As a result, the estrogen flow is induced and inflammation of acne is cured.


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