Israel declared war in cyberspace

The message is clear, Israel will not allow itself to do against hackers and other cyber-terrorists, and will use all means to stop it. A real declaration of war in cyberspace does not take lightly.


This statement yesterday from the Deputy Israeli Foreign Minister, Danny Ayalon, after the coordinates of thousands of credit cards belonging to Israelis has been disclosed on the Internet.

Israel declared war in cyberspace

“We must send a message to all those who attack or attempt to attack Israel including its cyberspace by warning that they are in danger and they will not receive immunity against retaliatory actions of Israel. (These attacks are of) terrorism must be treated as such. In cyberspace, we have active capacity and we can beat anyone who tries to hit us.”


Ayalon continued appreciating that the United States have also had the same message, that “any attack in their cyberspace will be considered a declaration of war and will react as if it were a missile attack.”


The whole story has its origins in the recent actions of a hacker named “0xOmar” a hacker posing as Saudi Arabia and continues to disclose information about thousands of credit cards belonging to Israelis, slipping a pass to Trojan Type malware.


8 days ago and the hacker broadcast more than 6,000 credit cards, there followed five days of 14 000 new, and he announces that he is able to publish new 400 000.


According to an Israeli computer expert, quoted by Israeli news website Ynet, the hacker would 0xOmar a surfer of 19 years using a server in Mexico.


Nevertheless, it is no longer any doubt that the twenty-first century will see a new kind of war, more virtual, with as battlefield cyberspace.


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