Job Search Strategies – The interview begins before it begins

If you are on their property – or on their block – you are on stage. The interview begins with the impression you make on everyone you encounter from the moment you step out of your car – or get on the block where the enterprise is located. People in society are still in the vicinity of the company and are very likely to be asked their opinion on you. This includes the parking lot attendant, security guard, and especially the receptionist.

If you are interviewing for a job that involves a sale or other places outside of conduct, they may be interested in the status of your car. After all, unless you provide a company car, your car will represent their image when visiting clients.

Sure, the first person they will issue after they will escort you out to the receptionist and the issue will likely be “Well, what do you think?” They are correct in assuming that he / she was able to watch you when you were not aware. They also want to know how you interacted with someone you were not trying to impress.

This may seem obvious, but do not be polite to everyone you see on their property. The person whose face you let the door slam can be the person you interviewed. And there is no way to reverse a bad first impression.

And be aware that whenever you set foot on their territory there is the possibility of an impromptu interview – so when you are there always be prepared and dressed for the game.

Do not blow the interview before it has a chance to start.


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