Juice to keep the silhouette slimming

Maintaining weight loss is not always easy, but it can help the body, with some tricks like detoxifying teas or juices, which help remove and discard everything that our body does not need.

Juice to keep the silhouette slimming

If you are looking to lose a few kilos, you can follow the diet as well, with a good physical workout with this preparation that facilitates healthy elimination of accumulated toxins in the body.

To prepare the juice need endives, carrots and lettuce, the vegetables that provide the body with a high content of minerals like calcium and magnesium, plus vitamins and nutritionally complement each other perfectly.

Thoroughly wash all vegetables and blend about 100 grams of carrots, 100 grams of chicory, and 100 grams of lettuce, once the juice base, can be combined with fruits, including apples can be used, pineapple or melon.

This juice should be taken twice a day and to make it more effective, you better eat it before the main meals, i.e. lunch and dinner. Furthermore besides the high quality of nutrients that has help to produce satiety in the body, and thus, will consume less of the main meal, promoting weight loss.


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