Keep your washing machine always clean with this homemade trick

All our appliances need good care to extend their lives, and keep them running as the first day we bought them. The washing machine needs special care; Since it concentrates several elements such as water, excess detergent and dirt sometimes accumulates more than normal.

The accumulation of moisture, dirt and soaps make the odors appear in the washing machine, they permeate our clothes. A poor cleaning of the washing machine also causes mold spots to appear, which are then difficult to remove.

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To avoid the appearance of odors and mold we share this useful and simple homemade trick.

The vinegar

Our mothers or grandmothers know more than anyone the benefits of vinegar, and that this product serves not only to flavor meals, but also for cleaning issues.

To clean your washer you should only:

Clean the drum

Clean the drum of the washing machine with the white vinegar. Add a half cup of white vinegar to the detergent dispenser and then select a normal wash cycle or tank cleaning cycle.

Clean the rubber of the washing machine

In the rubber of the washing machine is the place where dirt accumulates the most. It is advisable to clean it, at least once a month, to prevent the remains from adhering and the mold appears.

With a cloth moistened with vinegar and sodium bicarbonate. Let the mixture work and then clean the rubber well. To prevent the rubber from spoiling prematurely, it is best to leave the washing machine open for a while after each use.

Clean the filter

Another step in cleaning the washing machine with white vinegar is to clean the filter. For this, what you will do is remove the filter following the instructions in the manual to avoid accidents.

Then put the filter in a container with warm water and vinegar there clean the filter with the help of a brush or brush. Once clean, put the filter back in its place and close the washing machine.

With this trick you will have your washing machine always clean and with an optimal performance


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