Kitchen Decoration not only for design but also to protect from stains

The idea that we each have of the perfect kitchen, aesthetics play an essential role. However, the ideal kitchen is not one that we feel more beautiful, but also must be practical, functional, comfortable to use and to keep clean and tidy.

What good is a beautiful kitchen if afterwards, by its design, its materials or the very conception of space, it is impractical or difficult to clean? In this aspect, to include ideas in the kitchen to help you keep it clean will be a great success. One of these keys is undoubtedly cover the dashboard (that area of the wall next to the sink or kitchen) with a suitable material to protect the wall from splashes.

Kitchen splashbacks not only will protect your walls from marks, stains etc

A previous post on this blog and I explained Re-modeling ideas and materials for the kitchen. Today I want to contribute new suggestions to help you choose, if you are thinking of giving a new look to this important corner of your home.

3 NEW & TRENDING IDEAS of kitchen walls decor for stylish look

When choosing the material, some practical issues such as the need to consider resistance to stains, high temperatures or humidity, because the dashboard is an area of the wall that is quite exposed.

FIRST IDEA: Kitchen splashbacks
To decorate the kitchen walls in a manner it can protect the walls from marks, stains etc. Installing high quality kitchen splashbacks is a very trending way to decorate the kitchen. Here are some designed and colourful kitchen splashbacks supplied by The Plastic People. Kitchen splashbacks not only will protect your walls from marks, stains etc. but also it will add a modern accent of color to your kitchen walls creating a stylish and trending look.

SECOND IDEA: is to continue with the same material from which the top is made, especially if your top is compact quartz etc. provide a rather decorative note. Another widely used material is stainless steel. A plate of this material covering the dash is a good solution, although there are mosaics of very decorative stainless steel.

The chalkboard paint is the most original idea is to coat the dashboard with special glass

In addition to the practical issue involved in coating the dashboard, it is also a way to complete the aesthetics of the kitchen. Although a few years ago this space used to be covered with tiles, today there are a lot of materials and ideas that are original and effective.

THIRD IDEA: The chalkboard paint is another idea that I like. It is washable and very special, since we can write, draw and change the look of your kitchen when you want. It also adds a touch of modernity. But perhaps the most original idea is to coat the dashboard with special glass and illuminate with LED lamps. The result is spectacular.


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