Kitchens – The secret centers of the apartment

Kitchens are often referred to as the heart of the home. Kitchen and many owners put much value on a kitchen facility, which leaves no wish unfulfilled. Kitchens are the most important room in the house and can therefore, without exaggeration, be described as its heart. We use it mainly for storage and food preparation. Moreover, the kitchen, however, meets and this is crucial, an important social function! Like when we experience them as living room and there is so much space that we can sit there with friends and family at the table next to the pure food intake also it is time for communication and sociability. If they so much of the function of the living room, which stands for socializing, takes over. So it is now increasingly the amalgamation of living and kitchen area!

Kitchens - The secret centers of the apartment

Modern kitchens not only have just pure function facilities, but also an expression of individual and very personal living and lifestyle.

Functional areas of kitchens

There are important functional areas, which have universal validity. You should be in the planning, establishment or change of the kitchen are taken into account to achieve or optimize processes and functions. A modern kitchen needs to meet demands of modern life.

What is important in the kitchen decor?

1st Storage, stockpiling, preparation

cabinets and cabinet fittings, shelf systems, cooling and freezing equipment and work surfaces must be installed.

2nd Preparation

This is about hobs and accessories. For example, grill, microwave, stove, oven, extractor hood and kitchen lighting.

3rd Cleaning and disposal

Rinsing thus, desired fixtures, dishwasher and waste systems (for the intelligent waste separation) are meant.

To the requirements of functionality and comfort to meet a kitchen, it is primarily not on their size. Rather it’s about the points mentioned above to connect to an intelligent manner.

Kitchen equipment

The possibilities for a kitchen facility are enormous. Ranging from classical kitchens in apartments, one which was usually already hold basic elements such as stove, sink and cabinets and “upgraded” to taste and budget. Be up to exclusive, highly functional design kitchens that are scheduled accurately manufactured and then installed. There are inexpensive complete kitchens in furniture stores, which can be bought and taken immediately. Or finished kitchens in the prospectus, which can be ordered and delivered. And, last but not least, the popular kitchen cabinet with its characteristic elements and their higher and lower cabinets. You will be conveniently installed so that the large electrical appliances such as cooker, washing machine or dishwasher and refrigerator can be integrated easily.

Kitchen is not just a kitchen

When selecting the design, colors, wood species and the accessories that give the kitchen until the final touch, the possibilities are almost limitless. If possible, anything goes! The same applies to the pricing! There are kitchens that cost as much as a popular Bavarian car with three letters.


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