Know the truth about regular foods and fattening foods

If you convey to your children, since small, the idea that there are foods that have ‘fat’, you might get something a little healthier, that is obsessed with the topic and already small to begin to eliminate foods from your diet.

Imagine the variety of flavors, aromas, textures and especially of nutrients may be lost. Therefore, it is not healthy for anyone in the family do not eat foods with fat alleged reputation as pasta, rice or bread to others, since it is likely that children will mimic that behavior. Also not good to abuse daily calorie foods: fried foods, excess sugar or fat foods.

Know the truth about regular foods and fattening foods

The bread: The reality is that the bread is rich in carbohydrates, the nutrient that our body needs more of it, plus the bread contains little fat. In many cases, increasing the calories in the diet is butter, chocolate and sausages that accompany the bread. Many of these ‘companions’ are high in fat.
The Banana : The banana provides more calories per 100 grams that most fruits such as apples, oranges, pears, etc.. But only weighs 100 grams, while a fruit usually weighs any almost double. Therefore, you only have to take fewer of the more caloric energy that their contribution is similar to a medium apple or orange.
Red Meat : According to the Nutrient Experts, a steak medium can add 1.644 calories. The sausages double that figure. Meat from pigs is known to be one of the most fat and calories. First, the amount of fat is different depending on the court. That is, a pork tenderloin has 5 grams of fat per 100 grams, while the ribs are around 24 grams. In addition, most of the pork fat is, so it’s easy to delete it before cooking together, achieving almost lean meat.

The gas in soft drinks : Usually, carbonated soft drinks contain a large number of calories, but not due to the presence of gas but to that of sugar. One can (33cl) of soda contains about 140 calories from all of its sugar content, so taking one of these drinks is the closest thing to drink a glass of water with 3 or 4 packets of sugar dissolved in it. If you want to avoid those extra calories, you can choose the light soft, which contain virtually no calories. But remember, the more you drink water the better you hydrate and cool and also has no calories.


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