Know why it is the best idea to buy a wristwatch for executive people

Is it still worth wearing a watch on your wrist, since everyone checks the time with their smartphone? Does it still make sense to buy a wristwatch? Here are some suggestions.

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We are in a society where, with the advent of 5G, everything will be extremely interconnected. Digitization has brought us a heap of information available. News, chat with friends, sharing images and videos and much more. In the midst of this sea of ??bits, is there still room for the clock?

best to buy a wristwatch

Perhaps in London no one will want to take apart the hands of Big Ben, to replace them with LED numbers. But it is true that only a few nostalgic people probably observe the London time lord, to check the time. Even at home, there are now systems for which it is enough to ask the time by voice, and this little robot immediately communicates it with its synthesized voice.

Millions of computers, smartphones, televisions and radios, companies and ministries, banks and all sorts of services, which share the same basic information, including the time. In this virtual world and floating on the real world, a small viral bug would be enough to “de-synchronize” everything connected. Thus they send them to an absurd and lying time with no logical relationship, where everything merges into this plasma of bits.

At that moment everyone will be racing to see the time at Big Ben, as the time lord will be the most reliable clock on earth.

This is why it is best to buy a wristwatch. Which of the many?

However, without invoking such dire scenarios, but not at all unlikely, today it would be enough to move to the mountains or to a slightly more hidden place, to notice that the smartphone no longer picks up the signal. Or worse, it’s with a dead battery.

We could choose to have one of those watches with us , which tell us a little bit of everything. Blood pressure, atmospheric pressure, altitude reached, heart rate and so on. These too, of course, at the risk of draining the battery. A glimmer are those solar-powered models, which incorporate other functions in addition to the time. Of course, it is given the right exposure to light, to always remain operational.

And perhaps at this point it is worthwhile to find the classic self-winding watch, by movement of the wrist, or manually wound. Well made, they are indestructible.


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