Know your level of influence in Google+

Imagine that all would like to know what about level of influence in social networks, how you perceive your friends and what role you have in that community, even if it is digital, gives the same. Well here’s a good news, at least to those who have an account opened with the new social network from Google: Google+. It is now possible to measure the degree of influence on a scale ranging from 0 to 100.

This tool is called PlusClout, which work will know where you are located in the great social network Google + can be done with PlusClout. Developed by Exponential Labs Inc., users can access your website and measure not only your social ranking, but also know its long list of who are the most popular Google + people and those who, within the famous Internet influence more than others.

You know your level of influence in Google+

For example, with this tool we can know that Larry Page has a greater influence in this community that Mark Zuckerberg. Logical, right? Especially if we are talking about Google+.

To use it is very easy: first have an active account in Google +, then go to the web site of PlusClout and, once there, put the number that identifies you as a user of Google +. A detail, that number it can be found in the URL of the profile ( When you have identified, copy and paste it into the PlusClout search box. A very popular person obtain the corresponding score which is measured from 0 to 100, otherwise, you will be a poster with the following sentence:

Sorry, we do not have your Google + profile ID in our index, but what we have added to the queue. Please check back soon.

But you not discouraged you, gives you a tour of the site, look who it is going to the famous, wait a few days and try again. Perhaps by that date, you’ve made progress on the waiting list and tell you how it is going in the network. Don’t miss the hopes that this will gradually.


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