Lactose Allergy – Information for patients

The lactose allergy is actually not an allergy in the strict sense, but a sensitivity to lactose, correctly this is called lactose intolerance.

People who suffer from a lactose allergy, eating an ice cream or drinking a glass of milk and then suffers a short time to flatulence and diarrhea. A lactose allergy is easy to diagnose and life can still be worth living with some measures. Among these allergy suffering, many people do not waive delicious things you have yet, it is good to have lactose-free recipes.

Lactose Allergy - Information for patients

The lactose allergy – Behavior

Anyone who responds with bloating and diarrhea to lactose should reduce milk products and milk until it comes to no more symptoms. Each must find its own tolerance level, because not in every case must be completely avoids dairy products.

Those who can not live without dairy products can reach into a supermarket to lactose-free milk, yoghurt and even cheese are often available without lactose. It is also true that goat cheese and milk can be absorbed better than cow’s milk, this is just another flavor that should be tried. Those who completely avoids all dairy products, the calcium needed by a different route, here there are different vegetables, soy or calcium-rich mineral water.

The meals can be prepared even on finished products should be without one, lactose is hidden in sausages, seasonings, and many other products. Even in tablet lactose can happen, so it is important to take the oral medication before talking to your doctor or pharmacist about it and perhaps find an alternative.

The lactose allergy – Diagnosis

Over a slightly longer period, following a diet should be made here should be eliminated all dairy products. If after this time is to not have symptoms, a lactose allergy is very likely. For another test, 100 grams of lactose are dissolved in water, dip again bloating and diarrhea after a few hours, so should be avoided releasing products in the future.

Who here also is not sure can be an H ² breath test carried out by a doctor, the hydrogen content in the exhaled air is measured and an increased value of said lactose intolerant. After intake of milk sugar can also be tested in blood sugar levels, this provides information about a possibly existing incompatibility. It can be used for milk sugar, so increases the blood sugar value, otherwise, the value is not significantly.


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