Ladybirds as predators: Gardening Tips

If your child once again brings home with a ladybug, you should rejoice. Ladybugs are considered messengers of happiness. Little kids are wild for the comical creatures that are to be regarded as pretty. And adults discover the child in himself again, if a ladybug comes flying at random. Why is that? Certainly look at. The color red and the black dots, the round shape – all this makes the ladybug a very pretty insect! But the ladybird is not only pretty and cute, but also a true helper in the garden.

The species are usually named after the number of points, such as the seven-spot ladybird. The small bugs thrive in warm areas especially well. There should not be too windy. But even in colder climates, you can find the ladybug. So it is an all rounder and not particularly challenging, as long as it finds enough to eat.

Ladybirds as predators: Gardening Tips

An assistant for all cases

The ladybug is the best friend of the gardener, they say. That’s because the little red dots carrier prefers aphids and spider mites destroyed. But it also prevents the spread of plant diseases such as mold or mildew. Such an attack, whether of fungal spores or pests, is to distribute only the most famous chemical mace, which is neither particularly good for the environment and garden, and not just gracious for the purse is over. In contrast ladybugs usually come by itself and do no lasting damage. What can one as a gardener, amateur or layman Florist happen so better than to little red in the bed have friends?

Big appetite for aphids

What you can not look at the ladybug, is that he is a true glutton, because it can eat up to 100 days on aphids. But not only the adults have a healthy appetite. Already, the larvae of the ladybird can eat 400-600 aphids in three weeks. In addition, a ladybug in spring can lay up to 400 eggs.

When you have a lot of aphids, then you are first point of ladybug! Perhaps for now you can stay away from pesticides and wait to see if more come then ladybugs.


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