Land Rover Freelander gets facelift

Land Rover Freelander 2 to equipped the new model year, a facelift. Visually and technically the Evergreen starts again soon through fully.

Land Rover Freelander gets facelift

Among others, the LED lights front and rear, and when you look into the cockpit Here, customers can now choose from three new color combinations of dynamic design line and explore a new center console including seven-inch touchscreen. Another new element is the upgraded instrument cluster, which is used in all versions used. Between the dials on a five-inch display, the most important vehicle information. In addition, Land Rover Freelander offers the first time also a rearview camera that transmits the view to the rear on the infotainment screen in the dashboard.

Another new feature is the two-liter Si4 petrol engine GTDi. It delivers 240 hp and offers 340 Nm with increased seven percent maximum torque. The CO2 emissions are 224 grams per kilometer. Coupled the new Si4 GTDi unit is equipped with a six-speed automatic, the driving force using a Haldex rear differential transfers permanently to all four wheels. About the Command Shift function can also be activated manually.

In addition to the new gasoline engine, customers have the Freelander 2 is still the choice of two turbo diesel alternatives with permanent four-wheel drive and Terrain Response system. The 2.2-liter diesel engine with 150 hp is available as a TD4 and SD4 than 190 hp in the sales rooms. Both levels of the Freelander diesel engine produce a maximum torque of 420 Nm. Also the voting option Freelander eD4 combines the 140-hp diesel with pure front-wheel drive.

All Freelander versions are equipped as standard with the model developed by Land Rover intelligent energy management IPMS (Intelligent Power Management System), which has a function for regenerative charging of the battery.


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