Laser and Aloe Vera treatments for facial spider veins

A vascular dilation that form around a red dot, aesthetically uncomfortable but do not have symptoms or physical discomfort are called disturbing spider. The clinical name of the spider is telangiectasia and often occurs on the face, as well as in the legs, or in various parts of the body. The cause of the appearance of the spider on the face is similar to varicose veins: blood vessels dilate because of a reflux caused by poor circulation. To find under the dermis, is the laser the most popular treatment, although there are home remedies. Find out here how you can get rid of the face spiders.

Laser and aloe treatments for spider veins on the face

The spider or spider veins are classified according to size: between 0.5 and 2 mm, and the form, which can be more starry, or circular, or scattered. In turn, the coloration present varies between the red and the blue. Another way to classify this condition is according to the specific causes that generate: for example, it can be caused by diseases such as liver failure, lupus erythematosus, or diseases such as Osler Rendu.

Transdermal laser treatment

Spider veins on the face can appear not only by poor circulation. While not tend to get bigger, their presence is truly disgusting, and rarely used alone. The transdermal laser is designed as a cosmetic treatment to remove spider veins on the face without leaving traces or scars. Overall, thanks to advancing technology, a single application is usually sufficient for the facial spider veins disappear.

If two or more applications of laser, you must wait at least fifteen days between sessions. In particular, transdermal laser procedure is to apply local cold as anaesthetizing to then direct the laser light into the lesion that you want removed. This system does not cause damage to the skin. Only the damaged area absorbs the laser light- a particularly powerful, calorie light blinking – stroking the damaged area.

The good thing when laser combat facial telangiectasia is that the result is final. It is true that mild scars may remain, but these are removed in one or two weeks. The recommendations for a total healed avoid direct sunlight and aloe gel applied daily.

Treatment with Aloe Vera

What miracle is attributed to this wonderful plant? Thanks to its rich content of vitamin E, nutrients and minerals, Aloe Vera is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. While the results are not immediate and require a lot more patience, you can reduce facial spider placing two to three times a day a piece of aloe in the area, so that the skin is in contact with the slurry during the least ten minutes.


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