LASIK surgery: be careful before operation

It is important to learn about the Lasik surgery to advance carefully and then be submitted to the physician the choice of the appropriate questions.

In selecting the eye doctor you should be particularly critical. A good doctor with optimal equipment will improve your eyesight strong. Take time to find a doctor you trust and look at several clinics and doctors’ offices in person. During the visit you should take care to leave the premises if a clean impression.

Full advice

It is very important also that you will be advised by the doctor of your choice in detail. It should enlighten you exactly what the risks and the implementation of the operation and provide information material. Let yourself be persuaded by anyone to start treatment, even by the doctor. A reputable physician will urge you not to have an operation and carry out detailed investigations in advance of your eyes before he advises you to a LASIK surgery.

Do not skimp on the wrong corners

Extent with the sight you should be careful. See for yourself in no case of cheap products from abroad. Staff are often poorly trained and equipped, hygiene deficient. An eye surgery should be no reason to be stingy. A failed operation, can cost eyesight at worst.


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