Latest trends in paint to decorate a room

Choosing the right shade to decorate a space is very important, but so is the type of paint you choose to do so.

Today more than ever, there are different options that make alternatives more attractive. There are the paintings always classic, but there are also having an impact, acrylic, glycerin, or specific ecological.

Latest trends in paint to decorate a room

Paintings with glycerin

  • It applies easily and dries quickly.
  • Diluted in water without problems
  • Allows two coats in one day
  • Do not wash quickly because this type of paint is more fragile than the rest.

Specific paintings

  • There each one in particular as the surface is, wood, metal or plastic
  • Usually need only one coat of paint, which is really very practical.
  • Be careful because some of these pictures change color when dried, as such may need a touch to achieve homogeneity

Paint effect

  • Plaster or varnishing or waxing
  • The plaster is applied very easily with a sponge. Gets wet sponge into the diluted paint and small touches are painting the wall.
  • You can also use a cloth. Color is applied with a brush and then wipe the surface with the cloth
  • The plaster needs to wax layers. The first layer must dry for six hours. The wax that is sold with the cast should be placed with a sponge. The wax should not be runny. If so, you can enter in the refrigerator to harden.
  • Are those that respect the environment.
  • The color range is really extensive.
  • Can be found in the natural products market with varnishes, waxes and other elements that make a texture that is achieved by one side looks great and does not transmit toxicity

Eco paints

Textured acrylic painting

  • The sandy soil is very protective.
  • Should be applied to a large flat brush.

Tips for painting oneself

  • It is desirable to have a ladder to access the hard surfaces
  • The time has applied the paint and that it needs to be controlled drying
  • Areas not painted will be protected. You can place a tarp on the floor and tape on the frames
  • Appropriate elements to begin painting are: roller for large areas and brushes for corners and terminations. No one should begin with the task without the necessary tools
  • At the jars of paint clarifies the amount that can be covered. Always calculate beforehand the amount needed.


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