Advantages and Disadvantages of energy saving lamps

Advantages and Disadvantages of energy saving lamps

Ecology has taken a role relevant to society and therefore increasingly strategies to care for the environment, and one of them is energy saving. Much of the consumption of energy is spent on electric lighting and to reduce that consumption… Continue Reading

How to convert Water Car Powered by hydrogen gas saver

We all know that hybrid cars get better gas mileage, but most of us cannot afford one with a price tag, most of them, on average is about $ 50 Grand. So why would you spend your hard earned money… Continue Reading


How sleep affects the daily productivity

Our sleep patterns to determine which times of the day we feel tired and when we are most alert. Your job usually determines your sleep during the week. If you work nights while you sleep during the day and vice… Continue Reading

How low the temperature should be in the freezer?

Energy saving stop when does not buying an energy-saving device, but it goes the right temperature in the freezer even further. Nowadays, a freezer in almost every household equipment. Although these devices are offered in more and more energy efficient… Continue Reading