The failure and its causes in undergraduate college

The failure and its causes in undergraduate college

The degree of school failure is a very extensive, with multiple sources, and it must be treated from different perspectives. Sometimes failure in undergraduate college in early age can give for undiagnosed vision problem or bored. But you can also… Continue Reading

Spotify passes the 3 million paying subscribers

Spotify is doing quite well: according to the Financial Times, the streaming music service would have reached the 3 million paying users at the beginning of the year. The music service announced last November accumulate 2.5 million subscribers to one… Continue Reading

Book in Swarovski crystals dedicated to Michael Jackson

For all admirers of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, who died in June 25th of 2009, here is a new opportunity to relive their love for the artist. Talk about a book called Dear Michael, published Bungalow Publishing, adorned… Continue Reading