Now you can use Google Music from anywhere of the world

Google Music

The new music service is only available in the U.S.? No problem, You can also enjoy by following these tricks. As you know the beta version of Google Music, a project by Google that wants to challenge iTunes, Apple and… Continue Reading

Are the casting for children educational? Here are the pros and cons

The casting for children are made to find new faces for TV series, movies or commercials. However, this is a very sensitive issue, since children are too young to decide on their future and the need for them then the… Continue Reading

Google Music opens slowly to international

Launched in beta in the U.S. in May, Google Music begins to open to other countries (discreetly). Google Music is the project of music player in the cloud of the American giant who does not do much about him. The… Continue Reading

Monster Lady Gaga Headphones Heartbeats 2.0

Monster has introduced new Lady Gaga headphones Heartbeats 2.0. By Dr. Dre and Lady Gaga, these headphones offer the style of leather jacket and studs. The noise isolation of in-ear headphones have large drivers of high efficiency to reproduce the… Continue Reading

Creative Bluetooth Wireless Speaker D80

Creative has introduced a new Bluetooth wireless speaker in one piece, the Creative D80 . This compact speaker to play music from all compatible Bluetooth devices such as iPhone, Blackberry , Android and Tablet PC, AASI as Creative ZiiO and… Continue Reading