How To Avoid Couple Crisis And Make The Relationship Stronger

In some instances the life and relationship, seem unable to agree or at least some things, that way the arguments and fights are a constant. Because of this situation the couple falls in deep crisis. However, before they announced the… Continue Reading

Passive smoking causes abortions and infertility

women who had contact with smokers for many hours a day had fertility problems and abortions

Although it was well known for a long time that smoking is harmful to pregnant women and expectant father, it has not been fully understood instead the effects of passive smoking. But there are people nearby, friends, relatives or friends… Continue Reading

Sexuality after menopause

The phase following the menopause is revealed in many couples as one of the happiest periods of sexual harmony. Binomial unrelated sex-procreation, relationships can live more freely than ever. The only problem is that some women complain of decreased vaginal lubrication Continue Reading

Tips to find Rental Apartment for Living with Family

Tips to find Rental Apartment for Living with Family

You can find a building that has a shop on the main floor, this can be a great feature for families as it can be easy to run out of supplies when they have children. If you know there’s a shop in the building that can provide the additional things you need, it can help until you can return to the grocery store. Continue Reading

How to connect with your partner

How to connect with your partner

Whether you make while you are already in a relationship or you are just starting one, it is good to know how to connect with your partner. The connection must not only emotionally but also physically and intimately connected is… Continue Reading

Home remedies for Frigidity or female sexual dysfunction

Frigidity also called female sexual dysfunction refers to the inability of women to achieve orgasm during a satisfying relationship. It is characterized by a general lack of sexual desire and response to sexual stimuli. Causes of frigidity include what cause… Continue Reading